Detox Network Universal Rules

Note: These rules are subject to change without notice.

These rules will be enforced by the Staff Team, failure to comply will result in punishment on the server/discord/forums.

You are held responsible for your own actions. Saying you didn’t know the rules will not work.

Don’t try to ride the line. Even if you’re not breaking the rules, if it seems like that is your intention it will be treated the same as if you broke the rule outright.​

Please note these rules apply to all parts of the Detox Network.


Please be respectful and kind to others while playing the server. This also includes the discord.

Under no circumstances:

  • » Racism
  • » Sexism
  • » Ageism
  • » Homophobia
  • » Transphobia
  • » Discrimination against religion

Respect all staff:

Do not argue with any members of staff. If you have a problem with a punishment you received by one of our staff members or you feel that you or someone else are being abused by a staff member, navigate to the #staff-complaints channel on our discord server and submit a report.

These rules will be enforced and failure to comply will result in punishment.

Harassment & Trolling:

Trolling can be anything from playful messages to jokes taken the wrong way. Trolling between friends (privately) is allowed. Trolling with the intent of malice, on the other hand, is not allow.

Harassment is not allowed. Harassment consists of:

  • » Any rude, offensive, or inappropriate comments towards somebody.
  • » Bothering someone who has expressed a wish to be left alone.
  • » Causing unnecessary drama on the server or towards a particular player.
  • » Threatening other players (e.g. doxxing, swatting, etc).
  • »  Harrassment also includes badgering staff by excessively complaining about features you do not like. This includes constant questions. Punishment for this will be a warning first and then followed by a 1 hour mute. If you do it again your punishment will be even more severe.

Failure to follow these rules will result in either a kick, mute, or even tempban.

Profanity & Inappropriate Content:

Mild cursing without hostile intent is allowed. Excessive use of profanity will be punished at the staff’s discretion.

Predatory Behavior:

Inappropriate chat is disallowed. This server will blacklist any user guilty of the following:

  • » Offering to send sexually explicit messages.
  • » Soliciting users to send sexually explicit messages or media.
  • » Any form of blackmail concerning sexually explicit media.
  • » Asking for social media (ie. Snapchat. Instagram, Facebook).
  • » Communicating in a way that the staff team deems a clear or present threat to the community.

Inappropriate Builds:

Inappropriate builds will not be tolerated.

  • » Sexual builds
  • » Offensive builds (nazi emblems, racist content, etc.)
  • » Spelling out words e.g. “F*CK”.

If you see an inappropriate build, please report them to staff.

Inappropriate skins:

Skins may not show nudity or offensive symbols (swastikas, etc). No skins of people who have been involved in or are suspected of violating human rights (Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, etc.). This also includes links to pornographic websites or other MC servers (Porn Hub, HentaiHaven).

Inappropriate IGN’s:

Any names that are vulgar, abusive, hateful or racist are not allowed. Names discriminating against sexual orientation or gender will also not be tolerated.

Spamming / Begging:

Spamming is defined as:

  • » Flooding chat with multiple lines of text, spamming commands such as /msg or /tpa, or excessive begging
  • » Character spamming
  • » Using fancy letters to get your message noticed.
       Example: “#$#$ #$#$TP TO ME FOR FREE DIAMONDS #$#$ #$#$”, or “L()()K —————>“.
  • » Encouraging spam is not allowed.

Spambots are special cases, in which an individual may get dozens if not hundreds of accounts to spam our chats to advertise things. Once these accounts are reported/caught, they will be permanently banned. If for some reason an individual decides to copy what the Spambot says and ends up being banned, they may make a ban appeal.

Auction House:

  • » The Auction House is solely for buying and selling items. Any form of spamming, begging, advertising, etc. is prohibited.
    For example: I rename a piece of paper to “/pwarp tp Detox” and list it on auction house for 1 million. If you have any questions regarding whether an item is considered spam or not, please contact staff.
  • » Auction House spam is when items (rotten flesh, a carrot, a piece of string, etc) are sold or renamed for a price exceeding its value
    (example: $100k or $1 Mil)



Keep all links in-game strictly related to Detox Network. Sending a server’s full IP in chat or linking to other websites, etc., is a bannable offence.

Client Modifications:

Use of any client modifications that alter gameplay or give a significant advantage are strictly prohibited.

Approved modifications and clients include:

  • » OptiFine
  • » Forge
  • » Fabric
  • » Direction HUDs
  • » Minimaps (without entity tracking or cave maps)
  • » Shaders Mods
  • » Capes Mods
  • » Better Sprint
  • » 5zig
  • » In-game Info mod (eg. Mini-HUD)
  • » Fullbright / Gamma
  • » TooManyItems / NotEnoughItems
  • » Armor/Status Effects
  • » Litematica

Blacklisted modifications include:

  • » Any hacking client (e.g. Kill aura, regeneration, aimbot, anti-knockback)
  • » Any mod that lets you perform movements not possible in vanilla Minecraft (e.g. Smart Moving Mod)
  • » AutoClickers or Macros
  • » Fly mod
  • » Xray
  • » Schematica (Printer)
  • » Tracer Mod
  • » Skinblinker
  • » Derp/HeadRoll Hacks
  • » HoloInventory
  • » Replay Mods
  • » WorldDownloader (Can be used for x-raying)

If you have a mod that is not listed here and you’re unsure about it, contact a staff member.


VPN / Proxy services:

Do not use VPN/proxy services. You are responsible for the internet connection you use to connect to our services. If your IP address matches the IP address of a hacker because you used a VPN, your account will be banned.

Easiest way to prevent this is by simply not using a VPN or proxy.

Alternative Accounts:

Only 1 account is allowed per player unless permission is given by staff.

Failure to comply with this rule could result in severe punishment.


Using books, signs, mail, bypass or evade a mute. Doing so will result in a harsher punishment.

Aiding & Abetting:

Knowingly helping someone violate or bypass the rules can also result in punishment.

Economy exploits / cheating:

If you were caught using cheats or abusing an exploit that could give you an advantage over others, your entire balance will be reset along with your other punishment. The reason for this is that we cannot tell how much extra a player has made by abusing a cheat or an exploit, therefore their balances will be reset to make it fair for other players.


Quite simply, do not impersonate other players.

Impersonation of any staff member or other community member is not allowed.

Griefing / Stealing:

  • Griefing / Stealing is not allowed. This includes claimed or unclaimed player builds.
  • Griefing / Stealing in Survival will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
  • Creating “cobble monsters” or “lag towers” is prohibited and will result in severe punishment.
  • Claiming players’ builds is also considered stealing.


  • Abusing any bugs, glitches or exploits is not allowed.
  • Purposefully harming the server’s performance is bannable.
  • Any bugs, glitches, or exploits are to be reported through the ticket system, #ticket-how-to tab on discord, or to a staff member as soon as possible.

PvP Bypassing / TP Trapping:

PvP bypassing is when players kill other players using water, lava, flint and steel, or any other method in an area where PvP is turned off / disabled.

TP Trapping is when a player baits you to teleport to them, traps you, and then kills you or attempts to.

When reporting a PvP bypasser/TP Trapper, please make sure to include either:

  • » A video, showing the PvP bypass/TP trap as it is happening.
  • » Screenshots.

Note: PvPToggle may be used in the Nether and The End, however the above rules still apply.

Staff / Server Bashing:

Harrasing a member of staff, or bashing the server in a hateful manner is frowned upon. Dpeending on the severity this can result in punishment.

External Money Exchange:

Exchanging Detox currency or in-game items for real money is not allowed.

Detox Network is NOT liable or responsible for any scammed purchase.

Stat Manipulation:

Stat / ELO boosting with another player or abusing an exploit to boost leaderboard stats is not allowed.

Your stats will be reset if you are guilty of manipulation.

Self-Promotion Links:

» Self-promotion links belong to the #〱self-promo tab in our Discord, unless given the go-ahead by a Sr. Mod or higher.


Scamming is prohibited. This could mean making a deal with someone (ie. build x for x amount of money) and then not following through with your end of the deal.

Staff CAN NOT do anything about a scam without having proof. (screenshots of conversation, etc.)

Player Shops:

  • » Once you have rented a plot, it is your responsibility to keep it stocked.
  • » If the shop is not re-stocked after 1 week, you run the risk of it being removed.


  • » If you have not logged in for 3 months, you risk someone else claiming your land. To avoid this simply log in before the 3 month mark or have active players trusted to your lands.
  • » Players are not allowed to claim within 6 chunks of anyone else’s claim. If you claim within 6 chunks of someone else’s claim you will be asked to remove it within 1 day. If you refuse to remove it then your claim will be removed by staff and you will be given a warning for failing top abide by the server rules. At that point anything you’ve had in your claim will be open to the public who may take anything they want.


  • » All pwarps must be public and chests are not allowed to be locked if they‘re in the pwarp. If you do not want chests to be accessible in your pwarp, don’t add any.